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Fanning Island Village Eco Resort is a unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Coral Sun Airways and the 8 villages of Fanning Island through their Island Council.  The focus is "Community Based Resource Management".

Each of the 8 villages are represented in this development, you will be the private guest of one of these villages. The motto: “The fewest number of visitors for the greatest sustainable benefit to the people”.

“High value low number positive impact tourism.”

Think of Hawaii over a hundred years ago, Happy islanders living in grass huts, surfing, hula dancing, fishing and merriment.

Today that is lost….. except for Hawaii's Closest Neighbor, Fanning Island.

A multigenerational plan to make paradise sustainable for our children and future generations with benefits of betterment of life, and prosperity.

A sustainable Paradise  you will  want to return too, and your grandchildren too.